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Brazil ANATEL Opens Public Consultations 29 and 30

edit: date:2021-07-15 22:23:03
On June 8th, 2021, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, ANATEL, published its 2 newest public consultations that looks for the public to contribute for the technical requirements to avoid harmful inter-systemic interference, the two consultations are open and will receive comments from 10th, June 2021 until 19th, August, and July 24, 2021 separately.
1. Public Consultation No. 29: Proposal for an Act of technical and operational requirements for sharing spectrum between terrestrial stations associated with Personal Mobile Service (SMP), Multimedia Communication Service (SCM), Switched Fixed Telephone Service (STFC) or Private Limited Service (SLP) and terrestrial stations operating in the 3.5 GHz frequency band.
2. Public Consultation No. 30: Technical and operational requirements for use of the sub-band frequencies from 3700 MHz to 3800 MHz by stations of low-power terrestrial services.
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