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Our country approves covers 15 domain 39 professions

edit: date:2008-07-02 15:51:42

Learned from Chinese Qualified Evaluation Country Approval Committee (CNAS) that, up to at present, the CNAS approval cover authentication organization, the laboratory and the inspection organization 3 big classes of 15 domains and the complete 39 professions, approval quantity and the scale is at the leading position in the world.

The approval is compulsory correlation authentication and so on product authentication, organic product authentication, good agricultural standard authentication, food safety control system authentication, as well as the examination, the inspection organization technology and one of managed capacity essential conditions, is quality, environment, management system authentication technologies and the managed capacity trust and so on occupation healthy security essential way.

In the internationalization aspect, at present, our country''''s approval result signs the authentication organization approval in 39 international to recognize the agreement and 47 mutually signs examines and calibrates the laboratory approval international to recognize the agreement mutually the country or the economy has the potency, and signed the inspection organization with the Asian and Pacific more than 10 countries multilaterally to recognize the agreement mutually.

In addition, our country also first batch signed the Asian and Pacific laboratory approval cooperative organization (APLAC) standard material producer to approve recognizes the agreement and the medicine laboratory approval mutually recognizes the agreement mutually, became in international laboratory approval cooperative organization (ILAC) and APLAC signs mutually recognizes the agreement scope broadest approval organization.