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After 09 years July the non-REACH class cannot go to European Union

edit: date:2008-07-06 15:53:43

Consultant Douglas.Wang said, after July 1, 2009, these have not carried on the chemical registration, the appraisal, is authorized and limits (REACH) the spinning and weaving and the shoes shoe project does not allow to enter the European Union country.

Starts from December, 2008, to possesses the product which exports to European Union, the REACH authentication is compulsory, uses the chemical in the textile and in the shoes shoe product not to enjoy the exemption power in the REACH stipulation.

In order to achieve the textile and shoes shoe product each function, for example the waterproofing, the resist bacteria and the heat-resisting function, can use the advanced technology and the chemical, possibly brings the harm to the humanity and the environment.

Douglas.Wang suggested the commercial organization carries on the REACH registration, like this their product must carry on the test and the authentication.