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China environment symbolized already forms the standard authentication system

edit: date:2016-07-05 15:52:50

At present our country environment symbolized already formed systems and so on integrity standard, authentication, verification, quality assurance, the environment had symbolized the product involved professions and so on automobile, building materials, spinning and weaving, electron, date, furniture, packing, had 30,000 many kinds of specification model product which more than 1500 enterprises produced to obtain the Chinese environment symbol authentication.

Environmental protection department Vice-minister Wu Xiaoqing holds the sustainable expense international seminar on to indicate that, our country economy development has obtained the huge achievement, but the economic structure insufficiently was still reasonable, the extension economical growth way did not have to transform radically, the resources energy consumption, the ecological environment worsened have become the current economic society sustainable development the bottleneck and the barrier.

According to the understanding, Our country Government promoted the function aspect in the full display government procurement which expended sustainably to make the great effort.After in 2004 has appeared the energy conservation product government procurement policy, in 2006 has formulated "Environment Symbol Product Government procurement Implementation Opinion", announced the environment symbol product government procurement detailed list, the request government procurement has first purchased the energy conservation product and the environment symbol product.

In the sustainable expense domain, our country starts from 2006 to implement the government green purchase.Up to at present, Ministry of Finance and the environmental protection department had already issued two batch of government green purchase detailed list, altogether has 14 type 444 enterprises to enter to the government green purchase detailed list.But our country environment symbolized the authentication work takes Our country Government green purchase the important technical support, already some 65 authentication product type.The Chinese environment symbolized at present with countries and so on the Germany, Northern Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand has signed the cooperation cooperation agreement.