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ATC Laboratory

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ATC mainly has three testing parts at present, wholeheartedly provides outstanding service for you. Regardless where you want product selling to world, we provide you professional testing service.
    - EMC Test Laboratory
    - SAFETY Test Laboratory
    - CHEMICAL Test Laboratory

● EMC Test Laboratory
ATC EMC Test Laboratory has the most perfect test environment and the complete test facility, during all test location all conforms to the international standard, at present has two anechoic chambers, three electric wave shielding rooms and several test cabinets and so on. We have obtained qualifications from Chinese CNAS, American A2LA, FCC, Canadian ISED, German TUV, BACL, Czechoslovakian EZU and so on. Our testing reports are trustable.

● SAFETY Test Laboratory
ATC SAFETY Test Laboratory provides testing for product safety for manufacturers. We have obtained accreditation of Chinese CNAS, witness testing qualifications from American CEC,UL and German TUV,  testing lab qualification.

● CHEMICAL Test Laboratory
ATC CHEMICAL Test Laboratory according to the laboratory approval system standard ISO/IEC17025 operation. Relies on in the rich specialized knowledge and the experience for the customer formulation solution, increases its product the value. The laboratory service scope covering petroleum chemical industry product, presently has expense products of the automobile, food, textile, electronic electric appliance and so on. We have the excellent equipment and the specialized examination understanding method, can provide the most effective rate service for the general customers, encourage enterprises to comply with the global green environmental protection tendency well.