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About ATC

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    ATC Introduction:
            ATC is an independent third party testing laboratory since in 2003. ATC is engaged in the EMC & Safety test. ATC is the mainland EMC & Safety laboratory established early, has the international first-class check-out facility and the specialized test personnel. At present the service network which is composed by several branch offices comprehensively serves in China for Chinese Enterprises. 
          ATC has completed large-scale electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, RED) & product safety & chemical testing (RoHS, REACH) laboratory. The laboratory strictly follows up the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 for management system. ATC has obtained witness testing qualification of the multitudinous international authentication organization, including TUV, UL, FCC, IC and so on. We have testing and project engineers to provide testing for manufacturers. The product scope includes information technology equipment, electrical household appliances, luminaires, audio/video apparatus, industry, science, automobile electron, wireless product and so on, as well as electronic electric appliance chemical hazardous substance measurement.
Hardware facility:
    ATC has at present following test location conforming to the international standard, may provide the test service for manufacturers. We will also plan in the future continue to expand the location, the equipment and the service project, will provide a more perfect service for more manufacturers:
    ● Two anechoic chambers (Radiated Test)
    ● Three shielding rooms (Conducted/power clamp test)
    ● An test cabinet (harmonics/Flicker Test)
    ● Test cabinet (ESD/EFT/Surge/Magnetic/Dips Test)
    ● A complete safety test working area (Safety Test)
    Our excellent test equipments are from world top famous manufacturers like Rohde & Schwarz, Schwarzbeck, Haefely, Keytek, Anritsu, Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke and Yokogawa. 
Organization intelligence:
ATC has obtained the CNAS laboratory accreditation based on ISO/IEC 17025.
    The international organization recognizes mutually: